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24 June 2007

The messenger

Hey, I flied all the day long
Just to say there's someone
Who never forgot you nor for a second

Look, I've got a message from him
He asks you to go on
Don't look back, don't hold on!

He says he cannot come back
But each time he lies on the bed
He dreams of youHe dreams of you

Now, I'll flap my wings once more
Just to say you know
That he always loved you
Always more and more

Always more and more
More and more
And he will forever more
Forever more



Ei, eu voei por todo o dia
Só para dizer que há alguém
Que nunca te esqueceu, nem por um segundo

Olha, tenho uma mensagem dele
Ele te pede para seguir em frente
"Não olhe pra trás, não espere!"

Ele diz que não pode voltar
Mas cada vez que deita na cama
Ele sonha contigo
Ele sonha contigo

Agora, baterei minhas asas uma vez mais
Só para dizer que você sabe
Que ele sempre te amou
Sempre mais e mais

Sempre mais e mais
Cada vez mais
E te amará para todo o sempre
Para todo o sempre

Por Renan Ferreira, em 24/06/2007.
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05 June 2007

Tuesday... work day

Well, as you must know, I'm an English teacher at UFPEL Languages Extra-Mural Courses (here called "Cursos de Extensão". That's the kind of work you don't get any money, but experience, abibility and friends.

That's an opportunity offered by the university for those academics from the 3rd term of their 10-term-graduation course who already feel comfortable to teach, and when you decide to take over a class at UFPEL extra-mural courses, facing the problems, teaching people of all ages, evaluating, you can be sure that, if you enjoy it, this will be the right career for you.

I just can tell that I'm really enjoying it. Solving problems, teaching, seeing people progress by your hands... wow! This is really worth! And this has been helping me to improve my English skills, since I have to be prepared and comfortable about the contents of each unit of the book in order to solve any students doubts.

Well, it's 09.10am, and I've gotta go. My class begins at 10am and I still have to answers any emails.
Tomorrow, the day before the national holiday, it's time to go to Pedro Osório and play some rock with good friends!! I'll never be bothered about doing this kind of "indiada". ;-)

Have a nice Tuesday!
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04 June 2007

Monday... more a week

Hello my lonely blog! What's up!
Another week begins, and here I go!

The rehearsal with Caricarura band yesterday was awesome! Most of the lads I played with I've been played for about 6 years. I still remember when we needed months and months of rehearsals to perform 5 songs. Next Wednesday, we're gonna play 11 songs with only one rehearsal.

Thursday is national holiday and I'll be in Pedro Osório, to meet people who live far and I really really miss.

I wish to get a job, but I don't have enough time. If I don't take another class at Extensão, maybe I have some free time to try a job. I wish to work in my area (languages), but the marketplace is difficult in Pelotas.

I was wondering the possibility of buying a new keyboard. I've never been that good at playing it, but it was the first musical instrument I had contact with, and I miss those jams sessions I used to do to myself in my bedroom.

There are good keyboards (even cheap ones), and I loved an electric piano at Milsons music store. It isn't the kind of instrument you can easily take everywhere, but I don't intend to play outdoors.

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03 June 2007

Sunday... no relax!

Yeah, I've really decided to write here more often.

Yesterday, I went to a fucking nice party: the ceremony of marriage of Isaque (my taekwondo master) and Marta.
I don't often like going to this kind of party, but that one was amazing. Among friends, eating berbecue and drink beer, you simply can't help having fun. So that you can realise what it was, I danced something like 'pagode' with Alana (11-year-old Mirella's sister). But I usually don't like dancing, nor listening to pagode and Alana can't dance! Wow! What a night!

Well, today I woke up with a 'nice' hangover. No prob! In the afternoon, I'm going to Pedro Osório. I was invited by the lads to take part in Caricatura's show next week, so we need to rehearse. The set list is a bit bizarre if you compare it with the kind of music I'm used to play and listen to. But I like new experiences. I'm going to play Greenday, Bad Religion, Ramones, etc.

My life as a teacher in the English Extra-Mural Courses of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) is going pretty nice. This routine of planning lessons, teaching, evaluating, etc is fun. Each day I'm more sure this is the carreer I want for my future. And my life as a student in the same university is nice, and really busy as well. Loads of works!

Ok, it's 12.35pm. I've gotta eat something, take a shower and prepare my things to take the 2pm bus to Pedro Osório. I intend to go back at 8pm.
This blog works well as a diary, but I'm really thinking about buying a real one made of paper. =D

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01 June 2007

Today, I've decided to write in English. I think it don't leave you off the text.
That's the first time I'm using this blog as a diary, telling things I don't often tell anybody. Well...

When you meet new people, and start living/working/studying with them you automatically see who seems nice enough to cultivate a relationship or not (in this case, friendship). With time, you've already got some friends, some "almost-friends" and also some enemies.

Then, you realise that you may be feeling something more for someone in this stuff. However, this feeling sounds too small before everything that you're not sure if that's a real feeling, or just an impression.

Inside your soul, you really wish the person you like knew what you feel, but you don't think the situation is set for a real talk on. So, the only thing to do is wait, and show, little by little, what you really feel.

But then you start wondering: "Isn't my hope a lost one?", "what if she just want and like me as a friend?"

God! This questions have been killing me...
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