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16 April 2010


Being catholic these days isn’t easy at all. People have given in to the superficiality of the earthily world, of materialism, and of pseudo-tolerance to diversity. For many, God has become but a conceit which doesn’t demand any more than believing or not.

Even those who say “I believe” don’t know what they actually believe in. Being religious has become a synonym to being uncool, old-fashioned, and intolerant. Christianity is corrupted by all those sects that make a product out of Jesus. They promise prosperity, freedom, wealth, and happiness, and they never get tired of ridiculing the Holy Church.

Every year, they change their beliefs and doctrines to seduce more people, and the Catholic Church, which has remained doctrinally coherent and solid for centuries, is ridiculed by everyone. Sacred values such as human body, nature, and life are often despised in favour of the mundane pleasures of this new era.

I could write a whole book only on the facts that annoy me, but today I’m here to express my deep sorrow for those who are doing all they can to destroy this so unique and sacred society which is the Catholic Church.

Media is convincing people that all of the priests and bishops are a group of evil people. It makes it look like all of them are paedophiles and perverts. For God's sake! There are as many as 400,000 priests all around the world. They are people who have chosen to dedicate their lives to serve us. They are committed with the mission of spreading love, compassion, and union. Even though they have such a holy mission, they’re still men, and as such, they’re still vulnerable, and they may end up making mistakes.

The biggest problem is actually that all of those men, who are all around the world working and serving the helpless, are now paying a hard price for the mistakes of few. People look down on them, think badly of their intentions, and we all know how cruel the crowd’s prejudice can be.

Catholic Church is not evil. For 2000 years it has spread all the good values which everyone agree to be the basis of the "ideal society". The Catholic Church is responsible for the world’s largest educational network and world’s most comprehensive health services network. It is present in 178 nations and one sixth of the world population is members in parishes and communities .

People can’t understand all that the Catholic Church is about. It’s much more than temples, priests and nuns. It’s much more than memorised prayers and an old man in white.

Today I’m sad because people prefer to believe in the biased reports from the media rather than having the truth. Even so, I have faith, and I know that all this bad times will be overcome, and little by little, God will touch people’s heart and make them understand the real meaning and value of the Catholic Church.

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