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26 December 2008

Another year is gone. And it was a pretty different year for me. My life has change in many ways. And so my mind has. In the university, I found out I had to study harder, otherwise I'd not pass. I nearly failed in Literature, but I always learn a lot by my mistakes.
Concerning job, it was a stable year. I got four groups in 3 different institutions, which has given loads of experience. I could say I've improved all my learning skills, and my teaching skills as well. Next year I'll be "thrown in" the first of my practice terms (estágios). I'll face 30 or more children who will probably be starving for my brain. May God help me!
In my parallel universe - music - which is a hobby/carreer I simply can't help keeping on with, it was a great year. I've bought a new electric guitar (a professional one) but since Quarto de Banho - the rock band I take part in - hasn't played this year, I haven't had any chance to perform a gig with it. On the other hand, Os Absortos - the acoustic trio I've been playing with for about 2 years - has gained ground and a fair position in the Pelotas' musical nightlife. We made more than 20 gigs and our next year's plans are to record a demo CD and expand our territory.
This year was very nice for my family too. We bought a car and moved to our first "own home" in 14 years. Everybody's ok about health and, to my mind, we get on really well with each other. Well, I have no complaints for 2008 at all. Although not everythong came through as I expected, it wasn't bad. I just hope 2009 is as surprising, good and unusual as 2008 was.
See ya in my next post!
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