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24 March 2008


In 2005 I chose my career: English language teacher. Many people spend months, even years trying to make a decision about this topic. For me, it was not that hard. Of course I could choose another thing. I love history, theology, international relations, and lots of things. But at that time, Letters was my goal.

And when you decide to be a teacher, you don't consider you will supposed to deal with different people, different lives, different personalities everyday. It's just like your life, but in a huge scale. I mean, you have to deal with those things everyday. In the morning you meet and talk to a happy friend, and in the afternoon you see another one who's sad, depressed. Then, at night, you have to hold an angry one. All these everyday experiences help us to improve our mood, our personality.

Sometimes, of course, you just cannot stand staying with some people. Sometimes you don't wanna talk to someone who's upset because you're ok and don't wanna get stressed. Other times you do want to help someone who's depressed, because you feel like helping. But in a classroom, the fact is: you cannot choose who you wanna talk to and who you dont'. It's a compulsory situation, in which you have to know how to deal with all different kinds of people.

I've never had problems with this condition, because I've always known when to interfere in someone's situation and when to save my thought to myself. I easily can keep on doing what I have or like to even when people aIround may be annoying. In fact, there were just a few situations in which I couldn't stand something and got upset.

Everytime I feel I'm likely to explode, I ask myself for patience, take a deep breath, and keep on. Sometimes I'm just talking, and someone says something in a way it sounds like disapproving. Something we'd call "queimar" in Portuguese. At this times, I have to be patient to understand that this person might be not that good, might be a bit stressed. I cannot just reply or argue about anything. And if this person is ok, if s/he is really "queimando" me, I'll never be sure, 'cause I'm gonna act just patiently. Then I get quiet.

This is how I feel, think and act when life puts me in not very enjoying situations. And I think that, if you cannot be patient, if you don't know how to deal in those situations, you definetely cannot be a teacher.

As a matter of fact, this post went in a totally diffrent way from what I wish. The real thing I'd like to say is:

I have patience with my students. And I do have patience with my mates. But, except God, everything has a limit.
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