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04 June 2007

Monday... more a week

Hello my lonely blog! What's up!
Another week begins, and here I go!

The rehearsal with Caricarura band yesterday was awesome! Most of the lads I played with I've been played for about 6 years. I still remember when we needed months and months of rehearsals to perform 5 songs. Next Wednesday, we're gonna play 11 songs with only one rehearsal.

Thursday is national holiday and I'll be in Pedro Osório, to meet people who live far and I really really miss.

I wish to get a job, but I don't have enough time. If I don't take another class at Extensão, maybe I have some free time to try a job. I wish to work in my area (languages), but the marketplace is difficult in Pelotas.

I was wondering the possibility of buying a new keyboard. I've never been that good at playing it, but it was the first musical instrument I had contact with, and I miss those jams sessions I used to do to myself in my bedroom.

There are good keyboards (even cheap ones), and I loved an electric piano at Milsons music store. It isn't the kind of instrument you can easily take everywhere, but I don't intend to play outdoors.

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