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01 June 2007

Today, I've decided to write in English. I think it don't leave you off the text.
That's the first time I'm using this blog as a diary, telling things I don't often tell anybody. Well...

When you meet new people, and start living/working/studying with them you automatically see who seems nice enough to cultivate a relationship or not (in this case, friendship). With time, you've already got some friends, some "almost-friends" and also some enemies.

Then, you realise that you may be feeling something more for someone in this stuff. However, this feeling sounds too small before everything that you're not sure if that's a real feeling, or just an impression.

Inside your soul, you really wish the person you like knew what you feel, but you don't think the situation is set for a real talk on. So, the only thing to do is wait, and show, little by little, what you really feel.

But then you start wondering: "Isn't my hope a lost one?", "what if she just want and like me as a friend?"

God! This questions have been killing me...
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People should read this.

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