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03 June 2007

Sunday... no relax!

Yeah, I've really decided to write here more often.

Yesterday, I went to a fucking nice party: the ceremony of marriage of Isaque (my taekwondo master) and Marta.
I don't often like going to this kind of party, but that one was amazing. Among friends, eating berbecue and drink beer, you simply can't help having fun. So that you can realise what it was, I danced something like 'pagode' with Alana (11-year-old Mirella's sister). But I usually don't like dancing, nor listening to pagode and Alana can't dance! Wow! What a night!

Well, today I woke up with a 'nice' hangover. No prob! In the afternoon, I'm going to Pedro Osório. I was invited by the lads to take part in Caricatura's show next week, so we need to rehearse. The set list is a bit bizarre if you compare it with the kind of music I'm used to play and listen to. But I like new experiences. I'm going to play Greenday, Bad Religion, Ramones, etc.

My life as a teacher in the English Extra-Mural Courses of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel) is going pretty nice. This routine of planning lessons, teaching, evaluating, etc is fun. Each day I'm more sure this is the carreer I want for my future. And my life as a student in the same university is nice, and really busy as well. Loads of works!

Ok, it's 12.35pm. I've gotta eat something, take a shower and prepare my things to take the 2pm bus to Pedro Osório. I intend to go back at 8pm.
This blog works well as a diary, but I'm really thinking about buying a real one made of paper. =D

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