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04 May 2008


How I wish I could say everything I think, and express everything I feel, not caring about reactions, not choosing right words, not expecting an especial response. My life would be simpler, my soul would feel more comfortable, and I would certainly have less trouble, if I could simply act like I think.

How I wish people could understand my personality, and accept that I value my freedom very much on the verge of not exchanging it for many good things, experiences or even people. Nevertheless, I wish they could comprehend that, as a human being, I sometimes need something or someone else as well, and I do believe we need someone to complete us, though I've never ever been even far from mine.

How I wish I was more sensible and closer to my one's feelings, so that I could seem more reliable and able to help them more, and show them there is something more which makes me feel like helping. I wish I was able to show them that belief is not just a case of believing in something, but living the belief and, in my case, living the love.

However, I really know that many of the things I desire are impossible, and many others just depend on me. Many people go to the church, get on their knees and ask for everything they want, not even perceiving all they already have. Other people don't need to go to the church, and do that at home, or ask themselves, or make plans, or promise themselves to do something.

In fact, I'm just writing all these words as a short unburdening, which could easily be done to a priest, as I've ever done plenty of times. It's very much like a confession. My today's one.

Renan Ferreira, 05/2008.
posted by Renan C. Ferreira at 3:02:00 AM


Maybe you´ll not gonna like it, you´ll gonna think "oh lord, this girl again?"

Whatever...I really like to see the way you write, it´s like an inspiration, I don´t know.

But...anyway...take care.


Monday, May 05, 2008 8:08:00 PM  

eh para isso que fiz um blog, pra eu poder colocar td pra fora, coisas que eu naum faria no flog, eh publico demias, entaum prefiro que eu publique as minhas frutraçoes aki...


take care

Monday, May 12, 2008 7:09:00 PM  

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