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20 January 2009

very first 2009 stuff...


That's my first post in 2009. Something tells me it's gonna be a very nice year. Many good hopes!

Today, I composed and recorded my first original song in 2009. It's a blues, and I'm very proud of it. I love blues, but I had never composed one till now.

Just below, you've got the lyrics (if you want the translation into Portuguese, just contact me), and below the lyrics you've got a link that will take you to an online player, where you can listen to my song. Feel free to download it if you want.

Renan Ferreira (20/01/2009)

You may argue, break the dishes on the floor
I don't care
And you may swear at me and shut the door
I don't care

'Cause something I know
You just don't wanna see
You're the very same girl
Of last night at the pub with me

You may say that you're not the same
I don't care
And you may play this game again and again
I simply don't care

'Cause something I know
And you cannot deny
You're the same pretty girl
On my bed last night
posted by Renan C. Ferreira at 10:53:00 PM


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