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04 March 2010

March 4th, 2010

So, here am I again.
After about 2 months of a work break, I came back to work last Monday. I was already sort of missing my old routine. I'm still on university holidays till March 22nd, though, but that I'm not missing yet. :D

Rehearsing and recording with Lara Rossato has been a lot of fun. Sometimes I think music is perhaps one of the things that keep me alive. We're on the process of recording the rest of her debut album, and you can have a short peep on the latest works here.

Beside my 'public' musical activities, I also like to spend some time on my own with my music. These are times when I got inspired and compose. I'm glad to have noticed how much my poetry in English improved since the first time I've tried it. Below, you've got my latest song. I composed it yesterday and, for me, is one of my best works ever. I think I managed to find a balance between the music and the text.

You can listen to it here. But please, have in mind that it's a home recording. One day I'll record it in a studio. If you want to get a translation to Portuguese, just go to Comments. See ya!

CONSIDER - Renan Ferreira

Dare to think at least once in your life
Of all those lonely people passing by
How many of them are happy and smile
How many of them are down and crying inside

Dare to think of all those hungry mouths
Be humane enough and don't turn away
Consider those who suffer among that crowd
Look at the mirror, don't hesitate

What have you become?
Thinking you're alone
Everyone is here
And everyone is one

Wherever you've been
You were not alone
Everyone was there
And everyone was one

Just one

Dare to look back and face your past
Don't try to run away of what you can't hide
The more you hold the pain the more it will last
Consider this, come back to life

posted by Renan C. Ferreira at 10:17:00 PM




Ouse pensar pelo menos uma vez na vida
Em todas aquelas pessoas solitárias passando
Quantas delas estão felizes e sorriem?
Quantas delas estão pra baixo e chorando por dentro?

Ouse pensar em todas aquelas bocas famintas
Seja humano o bastante para não virar a cara
Considere aqueles que sofrem no meio daquela multidão
Olhe no espelho, não hesite

No que você se tornou?
Pensando estar sozinho
Todos estão aqui
E todos são um

Onde quer que você tenha estado
Você não estava só
Todos estavam lá
E todos eram um

Apenas um

Ouse olhar pra trás e enfrentar seu passado
Não tente fugir daquilo que você não pode esconder
Quanto mais você prender a dor, mais ela vai durar
Considere isso, volte à vida

Renan Ferreira, 03/03/2010

Thursday, March 04, 2010 10:45:00 PM  

It is a beautiful song, Renan! And it's very well recorded!


Thursday, March 04, 2010 10:56:00 PM  

I always say the same fucking thing... I really like your songs and etc, you should invest in your voice to improve even more than you had all these years that I know you and your songs.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010 9:08:00 PM  

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