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26 February 2008

a new song...

Renan Ferreira (23/02/2008)

Go away!
I can't even look at your face
After all you've done to me
You still ask me to think

Good bye!
There's nothing more to say
There's nothing more to save
'Cause I see badness in your face

And I cannot waste my time
Standing by your side
I don't feel good anymore

But I just want you to know
That I've tried to go on
I've tried to keep you in my heart
But I can't

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15 February 2008


I hadn't realised how long I don't pop here and post! God! Poor blog!
Well... I've got a lot of things to post, but firstly I'd like to write a little diary.
Since you haven't seen me for a long time - our last meeting was in October of 2007 - I think you need to know what have been up to me.
The 4th term of my graduation course has ended well, and it's being one of my best holidays in some years. On Carnival days I went to Pedro Osório, as usual. The different thing this year was that I took some of my best mates to there. It was simply perfect. Getting all my old and new fellows all together and enjoying some memorable days and nights in the town I've grown up were things to never forget.
I don't really know if I'm getting too sentimental, but I feel the relationships I've got in Pelotas are getting stronger and stronger... Sure it would be expectable, but I've been feeling or noticed that in the last weeks. That's so good! The times we were just classmates or just friends have gone. Now they're already my family, just like the old fellows from old Pedro Osório times.
As you know, friends are the pillars of my personality. Now I can't even imagine myself living without company of those I've got around me (I'm not gonna tell any name... you know who they are).
Ok! I'm not going any longer... it's just some dropped lines to update this forgotten place. :P
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