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18 April 2010

keeping writing

Well, here I am again. It's past 03:24 a.m. and, as usual, I'm still awake. This time I'm posting some poetry. As I've already explained posts ago, I always compose music pieces before thinking about lyrics. After having some sort of solid ideas on the musical parts, I try to find what is it that the music wants to say. I usually brainstorm images (which does not necessarily have something to do with myself) and then, little by little, words start coming out.

Of course that's not a method. Sometimes I start writing poems while notes are coming out from the guitar - everything happening at the same time -, and more rarely, I have some creative outbursts and eventually have poems before conceiving any music.

This was the case with the poem below. Weeks before writing it, I had watched quite a few documentaries about wars, especially World War II, and I felt like I had to write about it somehow. I started writing down a few words, and not much longer I had the whole piece ready.

The Veteran is basically about a kind of scar most veterans have: traumas. There is a number of different traumas, and in my poem I dealt basically with the idea of not being able to forget tragic moments of the battlefield, and not being able to get rid of the state of readiness which every soldier in combat is obliged to be in. Such condition can make veterans feel an endless fear, as if they were still at war.

I've already composed music for this poem, but I haven't had the chance to record it yet. As soon as I manage to do it, I'll post results here. For the moment, that's all.

THE VETERAN Renan Ferreira (April 11, 2010)

The sun is coming down
The rain is pouring down
The wind blows from the north
Bringing memories of war

And he's sitting by door
Waiting for someone to knock
Memories take him away
To far beyond the rain

What is he doing here
Waiting for the end
War's already finished here
But he's still afraid

They've already gone away
But he's still in wait
'Cause while in his mind they still remain
He will keep in wait
posted by Renan C. Ferreira at 3:20:00 AM


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