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29 July 2007

04:10am's thoughts

"Let me know. Let me know if it’s working.

I don’t wanna deceive you, but I was just thinking

Maybe I don’t deserve you, I’m not good enough

Or maybe I don’t know how to deal with this stuff

But I still wanna face. I really think it can be nice

These were blue days, but there will be good nights

When I will make you realise

There was always someone at your side"

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10 July 2007

New visions


So my dear blog, it’s you and I again. Our eternal talking. In these last days I’ve been thinking about many concepts I’ve got. I realised there are loads of things I thought I couldn’t see or feel, but now I can. Things which I used to consider being wrong, but now seem to be normal.

I don’t know if I’m getting more tolerant or if I’ve never had pondered about that indeed. I just know I’m really glad to be learning a lot about life and people, and understanding that many concepts – like my old one about happiness – might be not that good.

Well, I’m sure you, my blog, isn’t getting anything of this post, and if you can’t, who will? Anyway, I don’t care… You’re just my “válvula de escape” so that I can express some of my feelings.


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