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17 February 2011

Surge of poetic/musical creativity...

In Vain

For weeks and weeks in vain
I've tried to get closer. How insane!
And foolishly by desire led
I got further instead.

Who knows how this works
When you find yourself stuck, in love.
And you just can't help losing your head,
You go headlong instead.

And I tried to say hello,
But you didn't let yourself go.

I backed off
To the shelter in myself,
Away from this storm.

The way your eyes made me blurt,
And imagine things I can't say.
The more and more it hurt,
The more and more I tried to stay.

And I tried to say hello,
But you didn't let yourself go.
And I tried to make it work,
But you kept stone cold.

I head off,
tried to find my way out,
And shake you off,

And take you
Off my mind,
Erase you,
From my life.


Written by Renan C. Ferreira, on February 17, 2011.


Hey! How are you doing?

Holly crap! It's been almost an year since I last posted in here. I must certainly be among the less visited and most rarely posting bloggers in the world.

This time I came here to share with you a poem, which is already ready in musical format (not recorded yet, though), which I've just composed. I am one of those many people who have moments of high creative drive and end up writing a lot just by brainstorming ideas. I usually do this with the help of my acoustic guitar.

I've got a couple of other things I've created over the past few months, which talk about my personal experiences and things that happened in the world in 2010. I'll be surely posting them soon. But as for this one above, I really don't know what it is about. It clearly has a story in it, and the rhymes are even childlike at times, but the fact is that I don't really know where I took background from in order to compose it.

I'd love to get some feedback from you.
See ya next time!
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