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09 March 2010

Happy b-day, Mr. Gilmour

David Jon Gilmour was born in March 6th, 1946, in Cambridge, England. There he was brought up and had his first musical experiences. In 1965, already being a poly student in London, he met Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, and Syd Barret, and when the latter couldn't go on with his group, David came in. Pink Floyd's definitive formation was set up.

For almost 20 years he had helped Mason, Waters and Wright to design the sound which has reached the highest point in Music history. Pink Floyd's masterpiece The Dark Side Of The Moon has remained over 15 years among the most sold albums.

After Roger Water's departure in 1984, David inherited the role of frontman, which he played masterly, though discreetly. In 1995, the band went for their world tour P.U.L.S.E., which broke all the records in size, production and income.

Since 2002, David Gilmour has been dedicating his time for his solo carreer. After having released a very well received solo album in 2005, he started his tour, having in his band Pink Floyd's keyboard player Richard Wright.

Apart from his musical life, Gilmour is also an activist. But, unlike most celebrities, all his actions in that sense are taken in discretion. Thus, he has helps many NGOs and communities, and for his musical and humanitarian contributions, Queen Elizabeth II has awarded him with the title of SIR.

David Gilmour is considered one of the greatest guitarists ever not because his vituosity or precision, but for his feeling and touch. With just a couple of notes he's able to make anyone get goose bumps.

Thanks to my dad, I've listened to Pink Floyd all my life, but David Gilmour started influence me effectively only when I started play the guitar. His music reaches anyone. You can be a rock hater, you will like Gilmour. You can be a Pagode lover, you will like Gilmour. For everything that his model as a person and as a musician have given me, I wish Mr. David Gilmour happy birthday!

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04 March 2010

March 4th, 2010

So, here am I again.
After about 2 months of a work break, I came back to work last Monday. I was already sort of missing my old routine. I'm still on university holidays till March 22nd, though, but that I'm not missing yet. :D

Rehearsing and recording with Lara Rossato has been a lot of fun. Sometimes I think music is perhaps one of the things that keep me alive. We're on the process of recording the rest of her debut album, and you can have a short peep on the latest works here.

Beside my 'public' musical activities, I also like to spend some time on my own with my music. These are times when I got inspired and compose. I'm glad to have noticed how much my poetry in English improved since the first time I've tried it. Below, you've got my latest song. I composed it yesterday and, for me, is one of my best works ever. I think I managed to find a balance between the music and the text.

You can listen to it here. But please, have in mind that it's a home recording. One day I'll record it in a studio. If you want to get a translation to Portuguese, just go to Comments. See ya!

CONSIDER - Renan Ferreira

Dare to think at least once in your life
Of all those lonely people passing by
How many of them are happy and smile
How many of them are down and crying inside

Dare to think of all those hungry mouths
Be humane enough and don't turn away
Consider those who suffer among that crowd
Look at the mirror, don't hesitate

What have you become?
Thinking you're alone
Everyone is here
And everyone is one

Wherever you've been
You were not alone
Everyone was there
And everyone was one

Just one

Dare to look back and face your past
Don't try to run away of what you can't hide
The more you hold the pain the more it will last
Consider this, come back to life

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